Haapsalu Drift 2011

Haapsalu Drift 2011
Haapsalu Drift 2011Haapsalu Drift 2011Haapsalu Drift 2011Haapsalu Drift 2011
Release date: 2011
Run time: 00:08:52
Director: Ruwe Saare
Country: Estonia

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Mac Miller - Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza
  2. Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise
  3. Jurrasic 5 - Whats Golden

Third Estonian Drift Cup event in this year. Event took place in Haapsalu on 02.07.2011.

This day was crazy in a good way to me. First of all I got my first "In-Car" drifting experience in Taavi Toomara`s BMW 2002 2.5T. It was really rad! Thank you Taavi!
Before the competition one friendly guy asked from me that maybe I could help him to do the news (some interviews, cover and some action shots). His local camera guy didn`t answer the phone and he didn`t have any equipment with him. So I saved the day and we did the news with my "low budget consumer" equipment. His name is Tanel Talve and he is reporter in the most popular News in Estonia what is also called Reporter (Kanal 2/Channel 2). It was very interesting experience to work with pro. I have wanted for a long time to take some interviews from the drivers but it is really hard to be the host and same time control the camera.
Also Taavi Toomara got his first event win and he is now leading the Pro class. There is one event left but the competitors are very close.
The weather was superhot and everyone got burned.