Animal Bikes - All Day

All Day
All DayAll DayAll DayAll Day
Release date: 2006
Run time: 01:01:58
Company: Animal Bikes

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Tom White: CamRon - Get Em Girls
  2. Jared Washington: Hieroglyphics - Batting Practice
  3. Lino Gonzales: Mazzy Star - Be My Angel
  4. Blackman/Nigel Sylvester/Osso/Belcher: Artifacts - The Interview
  5. Random: Strength Of Will - When The Limelights Gone
  6. Tyrone Williams: Talon AKA King Tut For Beats - ?
  7. George Dosantos: Sugar - Changes
  8. 256: Atmosphere - Get Fly
  9. Bob Scerbo: Atmosphere - Travel Remix
  10. Joe 'Butcher' Kowalski: MF Doom - Saliva
  11. Steven Hamilton: Excuse 17 - Special Guest Me
  12. Ruel 'Wormz' Smith: Neil Young - Dont Cry
  13. Vinnie Sammon: Gang Starr - Next Time
  14. Edwin Delarosa: Bill Withers - Aint No Sunshine, Papoose
  15. Credits: Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

THT,, avril 2006

Cette vid?o tourn?e entre novembre 2004 et d?cembre 2005 ne contient que du street et rien que du street. Tous les riders pr?sents passent leur temps ? poncer des kilom?tres de murets, ledges et rails. On a bien s?r des tricks bien chauds comme le long tooth pick grind de Jared Washington sur un banc en b?ton ou le feeble to drop de 2,50m de Blackman. Bonne s?quence aussi de Bob Scerbo avec un riding bien consistant. Puis on change un peu de style avec Steve Hamilton sur fond de musique bien speed. Ce rider trouve toujours des lignes originales, avec des gaps de d?biles, tr?s impressionnant. Une vid?o qui ravira les amateurs de street pur et dur, mais qui peut sembler un peu longue, d? au fait du peu de variations de tricks (grind, manual et gap).

quicrete,, october 2006

"This is Animal's 3rd full length video, "All Day." I'm sure when everybody heard about the Animal team's new video, they wondered "How are they gonna top "Can I Eat?" which is still I think one of the top 5 best videos in recent years. Well I think Animal did the smart thing and didn't try to top it, but rather made a video that went in a different direction. "All Day" is still an all street video like "Can I Eat" and at first glance seem to share an identical style, however the two are very different. "Can I Eat" was filled with banger tricks and made you keep your finger on the rewind button the entire video which was nice. While there are banger tricks in this video too, it seems to me anyway that Animal just wanted to make a video riding in basic form; friends, a video camera, fun, and dedication. I guarantee you no matter what the weather is like, time it is, or where you are, after watching this video you'll want to pick up your bike, possibly put pegs on, and go outside and ride. I think that's why Animal's new video succeeds. It get's right to the point and reminds you that you don't have to be able to do crossfooted 360 tailwhip backflips to have fun. Don't buy this video if you're expecting Can I Eat 2. Buy it because it's a solid video with good riding and a home made feel. Also Philly area local and newly added Fit team rider Tom White's part starts the video out with a bang, amazing rider and all around bad ass. Never try and steal his iPod, (I heard the last guy who tried Tom stabbed with a fork."

Bart de Jong,, march 2006

"Animal All Day Animal's videos have built up a strong reputation among the true street riders. Their latest flick titled "All Day" doesn't disappoint. It's not only the team riders who get sections but friends too who lend their hand with some great footy. It's the respect they have for the Animal brand that make them go out of their way to clock some filming time to be part of the Animal video. All Day is actually a good title as the streets of New York don't slow down much. Most footage however is filmed at night, when the security is minimal and the shopping crowd is small. Bob Scerbo held his camera low and made sure the camera was moving which made for some great angles. The riding of the team guys (Hamilton, Wormz, Dossantos, Scerbo, Sammon, Williams, White, Gonzales, Washington, Tiseo (RIP), Butcher and Edwin) is super street. Some ride brakeless but you couldn't tell. Delarosa can manual for miles without brakes and shows how to do a manuel to x-up handrail with ease. George Dossantos has an impressive part and so does speed freak Steven Hamilton. Scerbo made sure he was happy with his part and he should be. Guest visits come from Van Homan, Wiz, Stricker, Gaertig, Ralph himself and too many to mention. If they're real street, they're probably in All Day. All Day is about 40 minutes long which is a good length to get motivated to ride. You probably don't need that much time to get out on your bike. It's a must see for all and a must have for true street riders."