The Trip - The Trip

The Trip
The TripThe TripThe TripThe Trip
Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:35:37
Company: The Trip

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Ty Morrow: The doors - When the music's over
  2. Alex Vazquez: Lynard skynard - Call me the breeze
  3. PK/Rick Scott mix: Bone thugs - No shorts, no losses
  4. Catfish: Wiz Khalifa - Supply
  5. Steve Croteau: Currensy - Open house
  6. Eric Hooly & Tony Neyer mix: Nas - 2nd childhood
  7. Seamus Mckeon: Pink Floyd - Breathe
  8. Tammy Jane: Led Zeppelin - The ocean
  9. Lahssan Kobza - Young Jeezy - Lost my mind
  10. Garrett, Lacy, Hoang, Miles mix: Currensy - Fly monsterz
  11. Drew York: The doors - Soft parade

The Trip is a state of mind, a lifestyle. It has always been, always will be, and is constant. We are all passionate about life, and live it freely doing what we love. Life is the trip, ride it out.