BS Productions - The Players

The Players
The PlayersThe PlayersThe PlayersThe Players
Release date: 2009
Run time: 01:10:30

BS Productions has released another DVD, The Players. This productions offer a glimpse into what makes some of today’s strongers climbers tick. Climbers you will see include: Chris Lindner, Lisa Rands, Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Alex Puccio, Emily Harrington, Ethan Pringle, Joe Kinder and Daniel Woods.

In his/her section, each climber speaks candidly about climbing motivations and personal climbing goals. For example, Alex Puccio speaks about the competition between female climbers and the need to continually raise the bar, and Daniel Woods shares his desire to increase the popularity and awareness of climbing. Dave Graham talks about…well it’s hard to say what exactly he was really talking about. Either way, it was interesting to see those various aspects of everyone’s personalities.

The video did not hurt for interesting footage. Shots of Chris Lindner deep water soloing in Vietnam, for example, were impressive as were the shots from South Africa. Climbing destinations were diverse and the camera work was good. Somewhat distracting, however, were the filler shots between climbs. While some were interesting, a number seemed to function only to fill time. Overall, however, the movie kept a good pace and was enjoyable to watch.