Louder Than 11 - The Swiss Account

The Swiss Account
The Swiss AccountThe Swiss AccountThe Swiss AccountThe Swiss Account
Release date: 2011
Run time: 00:57:33
Country: Switzerland

In The Swiss Account we see three American climbers head over to Switzerland to test their
mettle on some of the hardest problems on the continent and furthermore, the planet.
The film follows Connor Griffith, Jon Glassberg & Carlo Traversi as they travel for
two months around some of the most popular bouldering venues in Switzerland including
Cresciano & Chironico. There are also guest appearances from a cast of stars including
fellow Americans Alex Puccio and Paul Robinson,
Frenchman Lucas Menegatti and Czech wonder-kid Adam Ondra.

The film starts off very… ‘American’ (you’ll see what I mean…) and when I watched the
opening credits, not being one for gratuitous cheese, a very big part of me wanted to press
the off button there and then. However, I persevered and I’m pleased that I did.
The bouldering footage is excellent and showcases all of the climbers’ talents,
particularly the likes of Traversi & Glassberg. There are superb classic hard-ticks in
there such as Steppenwolf font8b, Boogalaga font 8b, The Dagger font 8b+and a personal
favourite, The Never Ending Story font 8b+.

Alongside the climbing footage there is also a lot of ‘video diary’ style content.
I’m pretty sure that some people will HATE this. I felt that it broke up the climbing nicely,
and with the film being almost an hour long I believe this to be important. It is fair to say
it kept me interested from start to finish. This material also gives an insight into the
mentality, banter and spirit of a group of friends on a climbing trip; an experience that
all boulderers know and love.