Hard 2 Burn Vol.3

Hard 2 Burn Vol.3
Hard 2 Burn Vol.3Hard 2 Burn Vol.3Hard 2 Burn Vol.3Hard 2 Burn Vol.3
Release date: 2007
Run time: 01:09:20
Country: Germany

Welcome to another fresh graffiti movie from Berlin/Germany.
Almost 2 years after the 2nd volume, Hard 2 Burn #3 is out! Hard2Burn is back on Tracks with another 70 minutes classic. Bringing you the finest of Berlins Trainbomberscene, where various writers are out for the Fame and still fucking up the system with style! Hard 2 Burn #3 is strictly trains and subways only, pure Berlin hardcore! Hiphop music from the original soundtrack and a great atmosphere in the video, where you join the writers on their crazy missions in the underground of Berlin's tunnels and around the trainsystem. Liveactions, Rolling panels, end 2 ends, wholecars and much more!