L.E.G3nds On Tour

L.E.G3nds On Tour
L.E.G3nds On TourL.E.G3nds On TourL.E.G3nds On TourL.E.G3nds On Tour
Release date: 2011
Run time: 02:11:48

Today we present you another new graffiti video from Germany. The 3rd video from the L.E.Gends series. L.E.G3nds on Tour.

If you have been following the previous videos you know this from Leipzig aswell, featuring the BM45 crew and friends. However this time around, they are taking you on a huge journey around the world. Painting subways all over the place and trains everywhere, even the most obscure locations. Everything is very well edited and cut with an excellent soundtrack. Actions non stop, and great quality footage all around, great video.

Locations: Switzerland, France, Poland, Israel, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Armenia, Czech Republic, Spain / Austria, Denmark, United States, Portugal.