Fiziks - Masters of Delusion

Masters of Delusion
Masters of DelusionMasters of DelusionMasters of DelusionMasters of Delusion
Release date: 2004
Run time: 00:56:29
Company: Fiziks

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Menu Song: The Bad Plus - Film
  2. Walt Austin: Kool Keith - Im Seein Robots
  3. Billy O'Neil: Unkle - Unreal
  4. Eric Shrijn: Cunninlinguists - Dying Nation
  5. Rob Guerrero: Cinematic Orchestra - Ode to the Big Sea
  6. Kevin Raser: Outkast - Bust
  7. Will Gordon: Cyne - Steady
  8. Dominic Sagona: Intro - Cunninlinguists
  9. Colin Kelso: Sonic Youth - The Wonder
  10. Scott Raser: Talib Kweli - Put it in the Air
  11. Dre Powell: Masters of Delusion Cut
  12. John Starr: The Doors - The End Remix
  13. Julian Bah: Outkast - Knowing

"Masters of Delusion" by Fiziks and Misled Media. Walt Austin, Billy Oneill, Eric Schrijin, Rob Guererro, Kevin Raser, Will Gordon, Dominic Sagona, Colin Kelso, Scott Raser, Dre Powell, John Starr, and Julian Bah. Every section will blow your mind. Every style of skating is covered: ledges, tech, rails, gaps, trannies, pools, etc.