Misled Media - Hashassins

Release date: 2004
Run time: 01:02:30
Company: Misled Media

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Samples from Eyedea and Abilites - First born
  2. Michael Braud: Eyedea and Abilites - Glass
  3. Will Gordan: 910 Callabo - Cakalove
  4. Montage 1: Stranglers - Golden Brown
  5. Richie Eisler: Common ft. Jill Scott - I am music
  6. Montage 2: Bernard Herrmann - Twisted nerve
  7. Malik Kamara: Vakill - Know the bitness
  8. Waterpark Tour: Pretty girls make graves - Something bigger something brighter
  9. Tim Schmitt: Pearl jam - I am mine
  10. Montage 3: Dj Shadow & Dan the Automator - Satchidanda
  11. Walt Austin: Tool - Aenema
  12. Montage 4: Users Atmosphere - Watership
  13. Julian Bah: Dirty - Feel me ni
  14. Outro / Credits: Lou Reed - Walk on the wildside

The latest DVD by Misled Media following on from last years hit Intro. The footage and the DVD as a whole will blow you away, sick edits and music. Sections by Tim Schmidt, Walt Austin, Malik Kamara, Will Gordon, Michael Braud "Gumby", Julian Bah and Richie Eisler! Great quality and in 16x9 format. Featuring guest edits and many hot sections/montages another classic from the misled bunch!