Videogroove - VG 20 - Roots

VG 20 - Roots
VG 20 - RootsVG 20 - RootsVG 20 - RootsVG 20 - Roots
Release date: 2002
Run time: 00:50:05
Company: Videogroove

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: The Roots - Mauava Strings
  2. Chris Haffey 1: Art of Fact - Scary Symphony
  3. Chris Haffey 2: Josh Martinez - Outlook
  4. Second Regime Ad: Pharoah Monche - Simon Says
  5. Connections: Zion I - Trippin'
  6. Visual Aids: Clovis - Anna Marie
  7. Visual Aids: Clovis - Anna Marie
  8. Ryan Northway 1: Morning Glories - Tower
  9. Ryan Northway 2: Bill Cosby Mafia - Instrumental
  10. Improv: Atmosphere - Adjust (Instrumental)
  11. Switch Ups: Kid Koala - Live on the Breezeblock
  12. RB Chris Farmer Ad: Arsonists & Non Phixion - 14 Years of Rap
  13. Credits: BHS & DL - Arizona

"Roots," the 20th issue, comes at a time when we have seen rolling come full circle. VG figured it was time to bring back the classic format that made VG infamous all the classic switch-ups, visual aids, trannies, rail sections, and more.
VG20 had profiles on Chris Haffey and Ryan Northwave. Steve Jones from the ATL has got the mini-view. With all the hot pro's and am's we covered throughout the industry, this is a classic issue for sure! This concludes another set of 10 VGs, so be on the lookout for Best of - Volume 2 expected at the end of '02. VG would like to take the time to thank all of the skaters, advertisers and filmers who have supported us from the start.