Videogroove - VG 23 - Delegation of Authority

VG 23 - Delegation of Authority
VG 23 - Delegation of AuthorityVG 23 - Delegation of AuthorityVG 23 - Delegation of AuthorityVG 23 - Delegation of Authority
Release date: 2005
Run time: 53:53 + 59:41
Company: Videogroove

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Opener: The Hunns - Hunns Anthem
  2. Marcus Anzardo: Talent - Overcomplicating
  3. Midwest Spotcheck: Wale Oyejide - Theres a war going on (Ft. Jay)
  4. Kevin Raser: Dj Spooky vs Scanner - Guanxi
  5. Kevin Raser: Crystal Method - C'ant you trip like I do
  6. East Coast Scout Report: Outkast - Dracula's Wedding
  7. Ben Schwab: Elliot Smith - Son of Sam
  8. Kevin Yee: Spoon - Take a walk
  9. Visual Aids: King Jacob - Ghee dad intro
  10. Jeph Howard: Mars Volta - Eunuch Provocateur
  11. Chris Olpin: Toys that Kill - Track 6
  12. Switch Ups: Binary Star - Slang Blade
  13. Connor O'Brien: Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed
  14. Connor O'Brien: Gundam Wing - Battle Theme
  15. Gonzo: Spanish Instrumental
  16. Gonzo: Hieroglyphics - Lets Roll
  17. Credits: Atmosphere - God's bathroom floor
  18. Bonus - 2nd Hand: Talent - Redneck Funk
  19. Bonus - Airbourne Tribute: Truby Trio - Make a move
  20. Bonus - Underexposed Eastcoast: Anthony Velez Original
  21. Bonus - Dallas: Mr Pookie & Mr. Luci - Interview

Thought it was over Didn't you? This issue comes at a volatile time for all of rolling. VG23 delegates that authority to the next generation of skaters. These directors have stepped up and are helping carry the torch. VG23 showcases incredible sections from all over the united states. This twenty-third issue features a pro file on Gonzo(am team rider), Jeph Howard(am team rider), Connor Obrien, and Kevin Raser. They are all slotted for greatness in some of the most memorable VG sections ever compiled. Big respect to all the directors of VG uniting to keep VG strong.