Videogroove - VG 8 - Oucho

VG 8 - Oucho
VG 8 - OuchoVG 8 - OuchoVG 8 - OuchoVG 8 - Oucho
Release date: 1998
Run time: 00:59:14
Company: Videogroove

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Corey Donahoe: Cipher - Dues
  2. Bob Lewis: Z-Trip - Rockstar
  3. 2nd Hand: Vision Kids - Still Have A Lot to Say
  4. Forward: OOSoul - Shamba Music
  5. Amsterdam: Bently Rhythm Ace - On Her Majestys
  6. Visual Aids: Vision - Hidden Song
  7. Arizona: Butthole Surfers - Birds
  8. Matt Andrews: Dilated Peoples - Ruggedness
  9. Brazil: Gabriel O Pensador - Quebra-Cabeca
  10. Fugazi - Sweet and Low
  11. Connections: Herbaliser - New and Improved
  12. Hawaii: Jungle Brothers - Jungle Brothers
  13. Mexico / Puerto Rico: Jack Constanzo - Latin Fever
  14. Switch Ups: Filibuster - Wheels
  15. Days Off: Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots
  16. Transitions: LF Peee - Who's on the Turntable
  17. Billy Prislin: Gang Starr - You Know My Steez

Go do a Google search for this video. Nothing. Surprising huh? Now do a message board search (or just check the one I did on Be-mag) even more surprising! Now you see why this needs to be addressed. The video itself was WAY ahead of its time. Salomons… check, tight pants… check, fast slides…check, innovation… check. To put things in perspective for you, I bought this video along with a Pawn Raphael Sandoz shirt whilst Richard Taylor was learning misty flips in Newport foam pit.

Remember Best of VG? It probably guess about 3% of VG8 made it into the collective. Add this to the (lack of) Google and message board knowledge of the episode and you wonder of Videogroove 8, Ocho took a running jump towards the edge of the world and actually made it?

Did I mention our boy Mandrews has a profile? Not too sure what the haircut clips were about but an awesome section all the same. DAP,, Just Press Play – whoever holds the rights to Videogroove, enlighten the younger generations who really have NO IDEA what these video magazines meant to us. Betamax, VHS, maybe even a DVD. Heck, just put the opening section on youtube and I’ll be happy.