Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters
Heavy HittersHeavy HittersHeavy HittersHeavy Hitters
Release date: 2010
Run time: 01:15:50

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Unwritten Law - Shoulda Known Better
  2. Red Bull Compound: Last Laugh - Paint It Black
  3. Nates House FMX: Kingspade - Dreams
  4. Todd Potter / Deegans: Saint Dog - Now I Lay Me
  5. Schules House: La Coka Nostra - Get you By
  6. Maddos House: Kotton Mouth Kings - One Day
  7. Nate Race Practice: Big B - Sinner
  8. Nate Race Practice: Big B - Born To Ride
  9. Bilko AFMXA / Oakley: Big B - To The Moon
  10. LKI BMX: The Argonaughts - Chapters
  11. Schules 10 Pack: TJ Lavin & Ritcher - Never Gonna Hold Me Down

This time round were bringing in the Big Guns,The Mad Dogs.The best riders,racers
and drivers after we scoured both Australia and the US for the best footage
we could point our trusty HD cameras at.

The end result reads like a whos who of freestyle.Join us as we film Matt Rebeaud
and Lance Coury carving up the red bull compound.Robbie Maddison and Taka Higashino
breaking in Maddos new front-lawn course.Private sessions with Todd Potter,Matt McFerran
Steve Mini and Nate Adams.Interview Rally legend Ken Block and aussie funny guy Bilko.
Tackle Schuies notorious 10 pack and the Red Bull X-Ray and go inside legendary Roland Sands
Designs concept bike factory.