The Lone Jackal

The Lone Jackal
The Lone JackalThe Lone JackalThe Lone JackalThe Lone Jackal
Release date: 2013
Run time: 00:24:51
Director: Grant Wheeler

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Soundscapes Vol.2 Future Visions of the Bushmen - Ambient Mix
  2. Geoffrey Oryema - Ye Ye Ye
  3. Brothers Of Thunder - Rumble In The Jungle
  4. Robert Doc Mthalane - Ithembalami (My Trusted One)
  5. Guy Buttery - December Poems
  6. L.A. Cobra - Forever And Never
  7. Lonesome Dave Ferguson - Cracks
  8. 340ml - Shotgun
  9. Skwatta Kamp - Washumkhukhu
  10. Moodphase 5ive - Risenshine
  11. Skwatta Kamp - On Tour

Alastair Sayer returns to his native African homeland after a successful European FMX tour. The journey back home is chronicled through his heart-felt narration while visiting friends and family and battling the weather for some much needed time in the saddle. The Lone Jackal documents a major turning point in Sayer's life, during which he comes full circle and prepares himself for the next stage of his life where he blazes a new path in his career and seals his legacy as one of Africa's most stylish freeriders.