Moto 2: The Movie

Moto 2: The Movie
Moto 2: The MovieMoto 2: The MovieMoto 2: The MovieMoto 2: The Movie
Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:52:32
Director: Taylor Congdon

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Girls n Boomboxes - Moto Von Stomp
  2. Noah King - Music Doctor
  3. British India - I Said I'm Sorry
  4. Girls n Boomboxes - Moto Von Shred
  5. Pepper - Wake Up
  6. Viva Mania - We Are The Youth
  7. Matterhorn - Headroom
  8. Red Devil Squadron - Madcowboy Disease
  9. Dead Town Revival - Hell Bent
  10. Egadz - Grim Advantage Part 1
  11. Doctor Rosen Rosen - Silk - 1.11
  12. Doctor Rosen Rosen - Wheels
  13. Doctor Rosen Rosen - EPF Instrumental
  14. Doctor Rosen Rosen - Out Of This
  15. Radio Numbers - Boring
  16. Credits: Matterhorn - Sinking Swimmer

Released in 2009, MOTO The Movie was the first film to truly showcase the complete spectrum of dirt bike riding and racing. No MX movie had ever captured so many of the world’s most progressive riders doing what they do best. From Supercross to Big Mountain Freeriding, Off-road, Woods, Trials, European Extreme Enduro, and Motocross... MOTO The Movie delivered! Our formula for the production of MOTO 2 is simple: instill unrivaled dedication and passion to yield the most progressive MX film of all-time! Along with the most technologically advanced cinematic tools available, we’re working with the biggest names in the sport in the most epic of locations to deliver the next evolution of moto films!