Powerband Films - On The Pipe 5

On The Pipe 5
On The Pipe 5On The Pipe 5On The Pipe 5On The Pipe 5
Release date: 2009
Run time: 00:52:48

POWERBAND FILMS captures the true essence of motocross and freestyle in this epic journey across the globe for the next installment of On the Pipe 5. We brought in 40 tons of dirt and built a brand new training facility in Reno, NV at the LIVFAST headquarters for the most ridiculous helicopter shots ever. Travel to Spain and France with Andre Villa, Dustin Miller and others for a look at Europes best riders and locations. Follow the battle for the longest jump on a motorcycle with Robbie Maddison, Ryan Capes and Bird as they strive to jump over 400 feet.

Head to Florida to the top motocross racers private tracks and training facilities with Josh Grant, Ivan Tedesco, Davi Millsaps, and Tim Ferry. Follow us to England for the 2008 MX Nations. Join Taft, CA locals for some gigantic natural terrain hits in the hills. Finally witness some of the most insane helicopter shots in Glamas, CA with the dune Kings Ronnie Renner and Josh Grant.

In On the Pipe 5 DVD the jumps keep getting bigger and the cinematography is always guaranteed to be the best in OTP 5 Still Alive. Riders include: Robbie Maddison, Mike Mason, Ronnie Renner, Dustin Miller, Josh Grant, James Stewart, Adam Jones, Bilko, Andre Villa and many more.