Transworld Motocross - Stone Spray Sandwich

Stone Spray Sandwich
Stone Spray SandwichStone Spray SandwichStone Spray SandwichStone Spray Sandwich
Release date: 2005
Run time: 00:48:49

Stone Spray Sandwich DVD. Join TransWorld Motocross as they take you behind the scenes with the best racers and freestyle motocross riders on the planet. Features a variety of locations, from the legendary Castillo Ranch to the Mulisha Compound and everywhere in between. You’ll see the pros in the business testing at top-secret locations, freeriders going huge in the natural terrain of Beaumont, Utah, Reche Canyon and more, and even score a pass into Ricky Carmichael’s own backyard. Filmed entirely on 16mm film, Stone Spray Sandwich promises to be the ultimate moto film of 2005 and is packed with tons of bonus features.