The Collective - The Collective

The Collective
The CollectiveThe CollectiveThe CollectiveThe Collective
Release date: 2005
Run time: 00:42:22

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Terry Oldfield - Voices in the Wind
  2. Slackstring - Lend me Your Love
  3. Thomas Vanderham: Zion I - Trippin'
  4. Slackstring - Candle
  5. The John Butler Trio - Earthbound Child
  6. Ryan Leech: Thunderball - Domino
  7. Tyler Moreland: Phontaine - Break to the Future
  8. Sweatshop Union - Thing About It
  9. Matt Hunter: Rise Against - Like the Angel
  10. Steve Romaniuk: Rise Against - Torches
  11. DJ Marlin - Track 16
  12. DJ Marlin - Track 2
  13. Slackstring - Sunday Jen
  14. Wade Simmons: Quantic - Life in the Rain
  15. Credits: Pepper - Stone Love

The Collective is a group of filmmakers, photographers and mountain bikers. By drawing on the experience, expertise and creative energy of every member of the team, The Collective has created a film that portrays the newest, cutting edge images of the freeride progression while exploring the thoughts and personalities of the riders leading that progression.
We believe that a collective approach to producing this film has resulted in an end product that fully reflects the depth of the sport and those who are pushing its boundaries. With that in mind, we present the 16mm mountain bike film, The Collective.