The Collective - Seasons

Release date: 2008
Run time: 01:00:25

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Latch Key Kid - Dark Clouds Instrumental
  2. Steve Peat: The Sessions - My Love
  3. Matt Hunter: Sick Days - Fleeing The Scene
  4. Andrew Shandro: Rich Smith - Faythe
  5. Cam McCaul: Kinski - Boy Was I Mad!
  6. Trond Hansen: Latch Key Kid - Fountain Of Youth
  7. Stevie Smith: Wintersleep - Orca
  8. Thomas Vanderham: Latch Key Kid - Devil Down Instrumental
  9. Darren Berrecloth: The Tragically Hip - The Lonely End Of The Rink
  10. Andrew Shandro: Citizen Cope - Bullet And A Target
  11. Steve Peat: Rob The Viking - The Finish
  12. Steve Peat: Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade
  13. Matt Hunter: The Sessions - Eighteen Candles
  14. Darren Berrecloth / Cam McCaul: Josh Martinez & Samix - Time Alone
  15. Adham Shaikh - Thru The Looking Glass
  16. Pennywise - Peaceful Day
  17. Thomas Vanderham: Latch Key Kid - Mail Pais
  18. Damian Marley - Born To Be Wild
  19. Phontaine - Tokyo Jah
  20. The Cat Empire - Two Shoes
  21. Credits: Phontaine - Todos Santos

In 2004, The Collective released the self-titled film, The Collective. The film went on to win several prestigious awards and quickly became recognised by mountain bikers around the world as the film that the mountain bike world had been waiting for. In 2006, their second film, Roam, was released to even greater critical and commercial success. The film played to a series of sell out cinema screening throughout the UK.
Now in 2008, The Collective are back with their eagerly anticipated third feature, "Seasons".
Following seven of the worlds top mountain bikers through the course of the four seasons of the year, "Seasons" brings cinematic grandeur to the genre of mountain bike films. From the heat of competition downhill racing to riders ripping singletrack against the backdrop of a summer sunset, "Seasons" is a must see for film fans and bike fans alike. The film stars the biggest names in mountain biking including former UCI World Cup Downhill Champion Steve Peat.