DH Productions - Chain Reaction 4

Chain Reaction 4
Chain Reaction 4Chain Reaction 4Chain Reaction 4Chain Reaction 4
Release date: 2003
Run time: 01:02:26
Director: Don Hampton

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Lane Eight - Wide Open
  2. Mr.Lif - Pull out Your Cut
  3. Motorhead - Shine
  4. Ten Foot People - Giving Gravity a Hand
  5. The Step Kings - Vibe
  6. The Bouncing Souls - Argyle
  7. Swollen Members - Aggression
  8. Kittie - Brackish
  9. Misfits - Scream
  10. H2O - Faster Than the World
  11. Blood for Blood - Dead End Street
  12. Stept On - Voices in my Head
  13. Consumed - Bye, Bye Fatman
  14. Lionel Richie - Easy
  15. Blood for Blood - Mother Dear
  16. Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser
  17. The Bouncing Souls - Moon Over Asbury
  18. Faith No More - The Gentle of Making Enemies

The DH Productions' "Stable of Knuckleheads" are back with yet another heavy metal onslaught of broken bikes, bones and blood. Come along as we travel coast to coast in search of all that is nasty on two wheels. With this installment of the Chain Reaction series, we feature the usual cast of characters as well as introduce a few new names that will blow your mind. There is nothing outside the limits of what is rideable! Chain Reaction 4 features the most in depth event coverage you will find of the Red Bull Rampage, the NORBA race series, the Rye Airfield Big Wheels skatepark comp and the Boston Bike Battle. You will also shred streets, parks and jumps with Aaron Chase, Jeff Lenosky, Lars Tribus, Kyle Ebbett, Shaums March, Todd Bosch and new comer Eric Porter. The DH Productions crew and three time Emmy Award winning producer director Don Hampton, will throw you in the saddle for one killer ride!