Dirt Magazine - Fundamentals

Release date: 2004
Run time: 00:52:48
Company: Dirt Magazine
Director: Alex Rankin

The all-new mountainbike how-to video from the creators of the unparalleled Earthed video and world-renowned Dirt magazine. Produced and directed by Alex Rankin Filmed all around the world, Fundamentals features inside info and unveils the secrets behind how the pros ride so fast, with expert advice and tips from the fastest riders on the planet including Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, Greg Minnaar and Eric Carter among many others. It will enable you to grasp and improve on the fundamentals of riding, be it on an aggressive XC loop, DH race track or anything in between. Fundamentals also teaches you how to set up your bike to squeeze the best out of it, from suspension to brakes, gears, cranks and more with the two of the finest mountain bike mechanics out there. Backed up with a killer soundtrack and footage from international races and the trails, Fundamentals is for all mountain bike riders from beginner to expert. You will learn how to set up your bike perfectly and hone your riding skills to a fine art. So unless you're already riding elbow-to-elbow with Steve Peat and friends, this really is a must-have mountainbike video...