Freeride Ent. - New World Disorder 1

New World Disorder 1
New World Disorder 1New World Disorder 1New World Disorder 1New World Disorder 1
Release date: 2000
Run time: 00:37:36
Company: Freeride Ent.

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Crazy Town - Toxic
  2. Anthrax - Fueled
  3. Fu Manchu - Hell on Wheels
  4. AFI - Totalimmortal
  5. Lunachicks - The Passenger
  6. Blood For Blood - Living in Exile
  7. Gluecifer - Chewin' Fingers
  8. Furnaceface - Calling from the Lord
  9. Skinny J's - The Best
  10. Upper Class Racket - Roll With It
  11. Dope - Intervention

Most people seeing the beautiful stone walls of a Western canyon would be content to gaze at the view or snap some photos. But not the fun-loving maniacs in this production, whose natural inclination is to jump, bounce, skid, and careen down the canyon walls on bicycles. Besides some truly spectacular cliff jumps, this tribute to "new school mountain biking" also features segments showing off deliriously reckless riders balancing precariously atop a strange elevated roadway made of logs and boards in the middle of a pine forest, plenty of "dirt jumping," and clips of riders going all out in more conventional downhill mountain bike racing. A few comic interludes, including scenes accurately titled "Nuns with Guns" don't get in the way too much, and this is mostly a beautifully shot and exciting tribute to daredevils pushing their pedals to their limits.

New World Disorder drops you into the twisted world of new school mountain biking and it's outrageous offspring. Hold on for 65 mph speed wheelies, full suspension wheelchairs, 55 foot cliff drops, world cup downhilling, deadly dirt jumping and crazed unicycle stunts. Shot in 16mm across the globe, "NWD" pioneers the latest in extreme filmmaking techniques--helmet, boom and steadi-cam footage combined with high speed helicopter footage provides a visual feast never before seen in mountain biking. Includes music by Anthrax, Choclair, Dope, Upper Class Racket, Ween.