Magmatic Studios - Clorophilla

Release date: 2006
Run time: 00:29:17

Clorophillia is a movie that has been generated by the passion for bikes and a love of the mountains.

Filmed entirely in Italy the project has been realized by the Opachee Team, a bunch of friends that decided to tell their story about their way of living. The values of freedom, friendship and unity are captured in a magnificent environment that sees mother nature playing the lead role.

Large sacrifices and a lot of hard work combined to produce a film which represents their lifestyle. While acting as photographers, sherpa porters, video editors, camera men, graphic designers, nurses, producers and directors they have conceived, planned and implemented without any professional advice or sponsors to help cover the filming expenses, constructing their own cable-cam, camera crane and dolly systems by utilizing building materials and climbing equipment that the team obtained through their nine to five jobs and even roping in the uncle of one of their friends to pilot a hired small two-seater chopper.

« Clorophillia » is above all and most importantly the dream of six friends becoming reality.