MB UK - Crank It Up

Crank It Up
Crank It UpCrank It UpCrank It UpCrank It Up
Release date: 2005
Run time: 01:03:17
Company: MB UK

The new issue of MBUK comes with a brand spanking new free DVD... And it's pretty darn special, even if we do say so ourselves.

Crank It Up features over an hour of new footage including action from the National Downhill Champs, NASS, Ollie Fielder's Backyard Jam, Doddy riding the High Action North Shore trails, and top dirt jumpers like Jimmy Pratt and Olly Wilkens. It's absolutely jam-packed with goodness.

Mr Fraser Barsby, top dude at 24seven, is the man responsible for this veritable cornucopia of all that's happening in mountain biking right now.

"We got in real close to the action," says Mr B. "Multi-camera angles to cover all the moves, all-new bike cam footage and a whole load of new techniques were used to really involve the viewer and show what it's ie to ride like a pro.

"By the end of the film you really get to know what it's like to work at MBUK as we follow the guys from dawn till dusk. even into the toilet!

"The special edition of Jump School has Chopper take you step-by-step through backflips and tailwhips, while Elliott from 24Seven shows you hands-on how to fit three piece cranks. If that ain't enough for you, how about sneak previews of all the up and coming bike videos from home and around the world! Miss this DVD and you'll miss a slice of life."