Release date: 2005
Run time: 01:33:49

Discover how far riding has evolved. Group rides emerge the east to west coast with sessions in cities Quebec, Burlington, Hamilton, Port Moody and Vancouver with world-class trails riders Mike Bentham, Stevie Dickin, Trevor Bodogh and others. Hit up the west coast scene in Whistler with Matt Nielson and first ever " road bike" trails expert Yanni. Local Kamloops pro Matt Brooks slams out DH airtime in his backyard canyon. Head east for for the local urban scene in Halifax with rider John "smokey" Campbell. Also featuring Bash @ the Beach Toronto and Montreal Madness. Get inside the underground scene of amazing riders and friends linked by one common thread, the passion for riding. Insightful commentary by Kranked producer Christian Begin on the evolution of mountainbiking in the last 15 years. A sweet flowing soundtrack, beautiful scenery and a fresh approach to bike films, METHOD is a tribute to the classy riders who show their dediction to the ART OF BIKING. Bonus material included.