Orpheus Production - 3Focus

Release date: 2008
Run time: 00:55:22 + 01:20:42

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Matti Lehikoinen: Guns and Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
  2. The Undeserving - Look Inside
  3. Brian Lopes: Styles of Beyond - Story Begins
  4. The Grits - Ooh Ah
  5. Justin Leov / Sam Blenkinsop: The Go! Team - Huddle Formation
  6. Mint Royale - Singing in the Rain Remix
  7. James Stock / Paul Aston: Goodshirt - Buck it Up
  8. The Ponys - Maybe I'll Try
  9. Wolfmother - Woman
  10. Ladytron - Blue Jeans
  11. The Stranglers - Golden Brown
  12. The Dub Pistols - Running from the Thoughts
  13. R?mi Thirion: The Script - Rusty Halo
  14. Chevelle - I Get It
  15. Credits: Latch Key Kid - Streets of Gold

3Focus dives in headfirst to the madness that is the UCI World Cup, and doesn't come up for air for nearly an hour. Insane high speeds, raw emotions and an eclectic soundtrack make 3Focus a truly entertaining account of life on the road, racing bikes. Stunning scenery, amazing camerawork, and revolutionary shooting techniques are all present, and combined with the pure energy of the racers to produce something pretty damn special.

2008 was the most closely contested world cup season in living memory, and 3Focus is the perfect film to bring it to your living room.