Red Bull - Jindabyne 2003

Jindabyne 2003
Jindabyne 2003Jindabyne 2003Jindabyne 2003Jindabyne 2003
Release date: 2003
Run time: 00:38:55
Company: Red Bull

Some of the most EXTREME riding found anywhere in the world today.
Insane air & incredible stunts you won't see anywhere else. An in-your-face, technical, steep, non-stop run that mixes up natural unforgiving, rough, rocky terrain in the Snowy Mountains region of Australia along with man made stunts including a 43 foot, step down gap, wall ride, the world's first «Sledsaw,» a 27 foot drop, table grinds and heaps more in the epic mountain bike video.
After an awesome 2002 event which saw an invited list of 25 riders from 9 countries, to one very seriously technical and in-your-face course, the search for a hand full of the world's leading riders from all corners of the world is on again.
The Red Bull Ride 2003 took place between the 19 - 24 January in Jindabyne, Australia.