RushHD - Ladder Bridges

Ladder Bridges
Ladder BridgesLadder BridgesLadder BridgesLadder Bridges
Release date: 2006
Run time: 00:52:05
Company: RushHD

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. MG! - Vinny-II
  2. Acts 29 - Instrumental
  3. DJ Logic - Progress
  4. Ponticello - Wandering Blues
  5. Ponticello - I Am The Ocean
  6. DC Slater - Outlaw
  7. Slowride - Computer
  8. MG! - Vinny-II
  9. Phatheads - Take It Slow
  10. Wes Houle - Horses
  11. Ming & FS - 50ft Mole Man
  12. Sackcloth Fashion - Tight With Lasso
  13. The Brought Low - A Better Life
  14. Frost - Game Over
  15. Acts 29 - Blank Minds
  16. Bryan Ingram - Ignite
  17. DJ Morphiziz - Poundin The Pavement

Digger (aka Todd Fiander), “I think probably I started building the first trail in (19)84“. The birth place of the North Shore Style … those who made it tell their tales. From the start of the first few trails in Vancouver BC Canada, to having them torn down, to rebuilding them again, to world-wide imitation and recognition. An extremely well filmed effort with an incredible story that has everything for anyone who calls themselves a mountain biker.

Favourite quote: “Biking skills or hospital bills.” Digger.

Essential interviews: Jacob Heilbron (founder/owner Kona Bikes), Todd “Digger” Fiander, Chaz Romalis (founder/owner Cove Bike Shop), Wade Simmons, John and Dan Sedlacek (founders/owners On The Top Bike Shop), Dave Watson, Richie Schley, Thomas Vanderham, Dan Cowan (aka Dangerous Dan, trail builder/rider), Ben Boyko (rider/trail builder), Darren Berrecloth, Riley Macintosh (trail builder for Wade Simmons ultimate North Shore build).