Specialized - Pulp Traction

Pulp Traction
Pulp TractionPulp TractionPulp TractionPulp Traction
Release date: 1999
Run time: 00:23:16
Company: Specialized
Director: Greg Stump

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Hole - Credit In The Straight World
  2. Charlie Hunter Trio - Worneli's Yorkies
  3. Sugar Ray - Snug Harbor
  4. Sugar Ray - Iron Mike
  5. Seal - Killer

"The path of the righteous biker is beset on all sides by the inequalities of bad mountain biking films and painfully boring stunts." This wild video features wild off-road action and heart-wrenching rides with the best way to get around, THE MOUNTAIN BIKE!!! The video features music by Seal, Hole, and Sugar Ray, and is shot in Hawaii, ARizona, Colorado, and many other states. Don't miss this one!