Vertriders - Flow

Vertriders - Flow
Vertriders - FlowVertriders - FlowVertriders - FlowVertriders - Flow
Release date: 2013
Run time: 00:08:24
Company: Vaude
Director: Johannes Mair

The Vertriders from Innsbruck are renowned for their extreme technical mountain biking on high alpine terrain. Not the kind of flowy trails one usually expects. What does Flow have to do with biking down extremely steep, scree-covered, treacherous terrain?

Tyrolean filmmaker Hannes Mair set out to find answers to this question in the first part of the new Vertrider Trilogy. With the help of a multirotor copter, he captured spectacular shots of the breathtaking Tyrolean mountain panorama. And while searching for answers he discovered a whole new dimension of what flow is all about...