Release date: 2013
Run time: 00:26:02
Company: Vibe Shoes
Country: Brazil

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: YOka - Tema Intro
  2. YOka - Tema L?o Fernandes
  3. YOka - Tema Esteban Fl?rio
  4. YOka - Canal #5
  5. YOka - Deep Waters Remix
  6. YOka - I?ll be with you
  7. YOka - Gilgamos
  8. YOka - Tema Rafael Gomes

CityZen is a film about skateboarding as a form of urban intervention in the city of S?o Paulo, Brazil. As one of the most important cities in the world, S?o Paulo is composed by a chaotic society with distorted values, but in the skater's view, it's actually a place where you can explore each opportunity the city provides. While many perceive it as a suffocating place, the skateboarder sees it as a way to reach freedom.
CityZen is different than a traditional skate film. It escapes from the pattern of most skate movies which are focused mostly on tricks, has a story and the purpose of documenting social diversity, which composes this giant city named S?o Paulo. CityZen's mainly goal is to reach street skateboarding in its pure essence.