DC - Riot Tour EU

Riot Tour EU
Riot Tour EURiot Tour EURiot Tour EURiot Tour EU
Release date: 2011
Run time: 00:20:33
Company: DC

Tracklist / Soundtrack
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  1. Intro: Xray Eyeballs - Fake Wedding
  2. Rotterdam: The Izzy's - Little Sally Water
  3. Cologne: Xray Eyeballs - Night Walkers
  4. Sweden: Young Prisms - I Don't Get Much
  5. Copenhagen: Surfer Blood - Twin Peaks
  6. Credits: The Depreciation Guild - Parasol Parachute

DC Riot Tour "Extended Edit" In Europe featuring Chris Cole, Mikey Taylor, Nick Dompierre, Matt Miller, Evan Smith, Wes Kremer, Davis Torgerson, Michael Sommer, Antony Lopez, Josef Scott, and Madars Apse Footage from Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Cologne, Helsinki and Malmo.

Edited by: Chris Ray
Filmed by: Chris Ray, Jimmy Astleford, and Eduardo Munoz