The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment
The Philadelphia ExperimentThe Philadelphia ExperimentThe Philadelphia ExperimentThe Philadelphia Experiment
Release date: 2013
Run time: 00:11:47
Company: Caste Quality
Director: Chris Mulhern
Country: USA

Tracklist / Soundtrack
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  1. Intro: Roy Budd - Getting Nowhere In A Hurry
  2. Allah-Las - Long Journey
  3. Beirut - Payne's Bay
  4. Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place
  5. Credits: 13th Floor Elevators - I Had To Tell You

The Philadelphia Experiment was a military program reportedly carried out in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard around October of 1943. It is alleged that naval destroyer USS Eldridge was rendered invisible, allowing it to be hidden from enemy devices. The experiment was based on the Unified Field Theory, a term coined by Albert Einstein. It states that by uniting the fields of electromagnetism with gravity, light will bend, along with space and time. Alfred Bielek, a scientist present on the decks of the Eldridge claims the ship was indeed sent back in time, although the U.S. Navy to this day still denies all allegations.

In this version of "The Philadelphia Experiment", we travel back to 1997, a time when skateboarding was at its very best in Philadelphia.