Psychotropic Shit

Psychotropic Shit
Psychotropic ShitPsychotropic ShitPsychotropic ShitPsychotropic Shit
Release date: 2011
Run time: 00:11:35
Director: Cameron Snyder
Country: USA

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Boris Vian - La java des bombes atomiques
  2. Lou Reed - Heroine
  3. Shannon & The Clams - I Don't Wanna Be In a Cult No More
  4. Death Grips - Guillotine

after being lost in a dark, wooded area known as lephronthine, a baby deer emerges, back into the world it once knew, prior to finding itself lost in the dark, wooded area, lephronthine. but is it the same, familiar world in which the baby deer knew before getting lost in the dark forest known as lephronthine, or was this apparent familiar landscape slightly different? or was everything different? or was the baby deer different? or was the baby deer even a baby deer anymore? click the play button to find out now!