Shoot The Moon

Shoot The Moon
Shoot The MoonShoot The MoonShoot The MoonShoot The Moon
Release date: 2013
Run time: 00:40:05
Director: Chris Taylor
Country: USA

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Cut Chemist - The Lift
  2. Intro: Caribou - Odessa
  3. Rey Ressureccion - Bobby Fisher
  4. Rey Ressureccion - Spaceships (Remix)
  5. Public Enemy - Shut 'Em Down
  6. Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk
  7. The Arcade Fire - Rebellion
  8. NWA - Appetite For Destruction
  9. Big Daddy Kane - Aint No Half Steppin
  10. Jay-Z - Lost Ones
  11. Credits: Peter Bjorn and John - Roll The Credits

"The footage in Shoot the Moon is scary and exuberant, and obviously the result of a lot of preparation. People talk about the blood and sweat that goes into making an indie film, but when these helmetless, padless skaters flip and slam into the concrete or show off serious cases of road rash on their backs, it transcends that 'I've seen everything' feeling that comes from watching most movie stunts. As the old saying goes, the trick is not minding that it hurts." - San Jose Metro Newspaper