Yoan Taillandier - Minuit

Release date: 2011
Run time: 00:49:21
Country: France

Out of the dark streets of Bordeaux, France comes the long-awaited epic from filmmaker Yoan Taillandier, “Minuit”. Yoan is one of the most exciting new filmers out today, somehow managing to pull the energy out of any skating he films. This is one of the most anticipated underground videos of the past few years, which is demonstrated by the countless emails we’ve received for over a year at Theories from skaters asking when we’d get the video into the store. Minuit features the talents of Masaki Ui, Sebastien Daurel, Leo Valls and Akira Imamura. Get what is bound to be a classic edition to your collection before their all gone. Get the night tribe called “Minuit”