4bi9 Media - So Far So Hood

So Far So Hood
So Far So HoodSo Far So HoodSo Far So HoodSo Far So Hood
Release date: 2009
Run time: 00:34:34
Company: 4bi9 Media

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: A.R. Rahman - Mausam & Escape
  2. Ghostface Killah - Ghost Deini
  3. Brother Ali - Truth Is
  4. Lil’ Flip - Purple Sprite
  5. Easy Star All Stars - Money
  6. Memphis Bleek - Alright
  7. Rackwon - Staten(Go Hard)
  8. Bonobo - Change Down
  9. Electric Light Orchestra - So FIne
  10. AIR - Alpha Beta Gaga
  11. Capleton - That Day Will Come
  12. Electric Light Orchestra - Here Is The News
  13. Strong Arm Steady - Shame
  14. Rackwon - House of Flying Daggers
  15. Tupac - To Live and Die In LA
  16. MF Doom - Victormoizor Intro
  17. Jim Jones - Certified Gangster(FT The Game)
  18. DJ A-Dog - Funk XXXII
  19. The Game - Big Dreams(Remix)
  20. Sizzla - Love Ah Di Way
  21. DJ Emurda - Throw Ya G Up
  22. OG Ron C - A Day in the Life
  23. Lil Mario - Freestyle
  24. E-40 - The Recipe
  25. Method Man and Redman - I’m Dope Nigga
  26. Credits: Tom Hunt - Day in The Shade

Watch the 4BI9 crew in their 2008-2009 season, as they travel around the globe in an attempt to document this year’s most creative and progressive freeride skiing. Whether its Collin Collins and Witt Foster shredding neck deep powder, Tom Wallisch and Steve Stepp absolutely destroying the park skiing scene, or Henrik Harlaut closing down every single handrail in Salt Lake City, this year’s film has a little something for everyone to enjoy. Once criticized for our controversial and often belligerent approach to skiing, the 4BI9 crew now sits back and reflects on the lengths we have traveled since our inception. Therefore, it is at this time that we proudly present our 3rd feature length film, SO FAR SO HOOD.


Joey Sczurko, skifilmreviews.com

So Far So Hood is the third film by the infamous 4bi9 crew. 4bi9 Media popped up in the freestyle skiing scene four years ago and were disrespected for their 'thug' style. Now each and every one of them are household names in the skiing industry, and praised for their innovative ideas for freestyle skiing.

So Far So Hood is approximately 35 minutes, which is a perfect length. However, for those longing for some more footage, there is an additional 35 minute bonus section staked full of unused footage. The film opens with some incredible skiing by Ryan Wyble. This was a really enjoyable segment because Wyble demonstrated a mix of tree skiing, backcountry booters, and urban handrails. From Wyble’s section on you get a mix of urban, park, and powder, a must in all ski flicks.

Interestingly enough, 4bi9 have added some new members to their crew including the likes of; Tyler Barnes, Collin Collins, John Vogt, and Sean Kubalch. It's interesting to see Vogt and Kubalch in So Far So Hood because they both snowboard; Kubalch had a banger 180 in wallride 540 out.

Tyler Barnes, Tom Wallisch, Henrik Harlaut, Steve Stepp, Oscar Harlaut, and Andrew Holsons’ parts are all a must watch. Barnes showcases his skill on booters, whereas Wallisch, and Oscar Harlaut do their magic to handrail in sight. Henrik has a banger switch 1620, and Holson has a great mix of urban and powder.

The soundtrack to So Far So Hood was surprisingly not all gangster rap. 4bi9’s past two films have had lackluster soundtracks due to the overuse of rap. However, this time their soundtrack showcased everything from disco to Wu Tang Clan.

Overall, So Far So Hood impressed me even more than Slamina! or Look it Up. 4bi9 did a great job mixing in all the elements of freesking, and created a must watch ski movie. The picture quality was crystal clear and AJ Dakoulas, the director/cinematographer, had some innovative shots through chain fences. In my opinion, So Far So Hood is a must watch.