Batafl? Lakaflaj

Batafl? Lakaflaj
Batafl? LakaflajBatafl? LakaflajBatafl? LakaflajBatafl? Lakaflaj
Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:25:58
Director: Martin Vrbicky

Fullface Productions in association with, Hannah, K2 and Dakine proudly presents Batafl? Lakaflaj, freeski film about Robin Holub and his friends.

The curious name of the new film was made by Robin Holub, slightly drunk, whith his tongue crawled, with the feeling of the mighty rum, trying to say something about his plans for the next winter, with his typicaly and funny english. In the film you'll see his seasson, where he was and what he did. For example on K2 freeski Pec and O'Neil Czech freeski open by Rossignol contests. We will also take a look to Robins hometown Chodov and its street spots. We took part in shooting of street segment of Motivation movie in Prag. Than we spent Downdays week in Bad Gaastein and Hannah snowride in Solden, Italy. As the last piece of the film we choose the Burton Spring session in Spindleruv Mlyn, where the top freeski and snb riders met to close the winter together and make a big show to the people allaround. Robin was choosen there as the best freeskier of the show. Enjoy the 25 min real Czech freeskiing from the same eyes as the people, wich like the film as much as rider likes the snowflakes.