Coreshot Films - Linescore

Release date: 2007
Run time: 01:16:49

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Guy Gelem - I'm Not Sure
  2. Christopher Hawley Rollers - Haitian Lullaby
  3. Cobra Skulls - I Want Bigger Cobra Skulls
  4. Christopher Hawley Rollers - Red Lights Green
  5. Sandpeople - Land of the Free
  6. I am Jen - My Other
  7. Christopher Hawley Rollers - Haitian Lullaby
  8. RAQ - Botz
  9. Cobra Skulls - Cobra Skullifornia
  10. Jam Samich - The Inflatable Gorilla Disaster
  11. Christopher Hawley Rollers - My Friends and Me
  12. The Colour - Little Wren
  13. Deuce Eclipse - The Nicoyas Last Hope
  14. A Conscious Few - Perty One
  15. Arm The Angels - We Won't Fall
  16. Strive Roots - Strate Cola
  17. Simple - Calling All Zeros
  18. Strive Roots - Communicate
  19. Strive Roots - New Heavy Groove
  20. Christopher Hawley Rollers - Waiting for the Snow
  21. Arm The Angels - No Rest
  22. Clockwork - Something To See
  23. Arm The Angels - Urban Lights
  24. Cobra Skulls - Cobra Skulls Lockdown
  25. Hyenas - Bill
  26. Christopher Hawley Rollers - My Friends and Me

Linescore, from Coreshot Films, is the first action skiing video documentary of its kind, chronicling a season in the life of competitive freeskiiers. Coreshot Films gives you the first in depth look into the sport that spawned the careers of athletes like Shane McConkey, Kent Krietler, Seth Morrison and more, as they showing you the fullest comprehensive film about Freeskiing. From the first event to the finals, Linescore shows what it takes to compete on North America's premier big mountain circuit. The top up - and - coming skiers in the world come out to these events to test their skills and show respect to fellow athletes. Highlights include not only insane lines, huge airs and gnarly crashes but also stellar camaraderie between athletes and friends. Focusing on every athlete in the U.S. Freeskiing Series.
Locations: Telluride, CO, Squaw Valley, CA, Snowbird, UT, Jackson Hole, WY, Kirkwood, CA and Lake Tahoe Back Country.