Daily Bread

Daily Bread
Daily BreadDaily BreadDaily BreadDaily Bread
Release date: 2013
Run time: 00:17:34
Director: Fabi Hyden

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Josh Woodward - I Want To Destroy Something Beautiful (Instrumental)
  2. Loch Lemond - Wax And Wire
  3. The Builders And The Butchers - Barcelona
  4. Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones
  5. Josh Woodward - Private Hurricane (Instrumental)
  6. Ghostface Killah & Adrian Young - Enemies All (Instrumental)

After more than a decade in producing ski movies, the Headbud Crew strikes back one more time with an action packed short-film. Follow the crew all over the alps as they are searching for some new, exciting challenges to prove their skills and push the boundaries of what is shred-able.
Skiing is what we love and what we can’t live without.
It is our Daily Bread.