Field Productions - Side By Side

Side By Side
Side By SideSide By SideSide By SideSide By Side
Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:56:08

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Sixty Pieces of Gum - Break out
  2. M83 - Kim and Jessie
  3. UNKLE - The Answer feat. Big In Japan
  4. Nico D - Nuttin Nah Change
  5. Pretty Lights - I Can See It In Your Face
  6. UNKLE - Natural Selection
  7. Salem-al-fakir - 4 O'clock
  8. J Sigsworth - Lightworks
  9. Kings Go Forth - One Day
  10. F.A.C.E - Roxette
  11. The Presets - If I Know You
  12. Johnossi - Whats The Point
  13. Electric Light Orchestra - Turn To Stone
  14. Credits: Elijah - Naturality Jamaica Megamix

Field Productions is proud to announce their seventh ski movie production, "Side By Side". With the most influencial and diverse line up of athletes and a bag of unique locations they can assure that this one is their best so far. The movie brings a new look on the urban scene, massive tricks in the terrain parks, intense big mountain skiing on the most scenic locations in Norway. deep blower powder in Haines AK and Interior BC. Shot on the RED One and other HD cameras that results in a crisp high quality experience.

As a viewer, you will get behind the movie set during the movie, with a feeling that you are presence on the location where the action goes down. Get closer to the drama, the reality, and the endless joy that skiing gives you.

Produced, directed and edited by: Filip Christensen
Co-directed and edited by: Jan Petter Aarskog and Even Sigstad.