Release date: 2012
Run time: 00:14:57
Country: USA

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  1. Young Jeezy - Who Dat

we all like concussions so definitely don't speed check before jumping over a gap the size of a swimming pool. gettin choked out at summer camp will also make you hallucinate
now that shits makin you see daz and kurupt live but you know thats a fakeout. at least nickatina will still play the show no matter how much powder he skied in the vip lounge. juicy j doesn't even ski powder cause he decided xanax bars are better....
some trippy shit. since you high as fuck anyway, fly jeff's plane down to the beach and swim off cha hangover with some naked bz's. kick it with pingu in paradise and feed the streets with only the highest grade. this is not a game cause you've been dreaming for the past 20 yrs