Guido Perrini - TEN - a cameraman`s tale

TEN - a cameraman`s tale
TEN - a cameraman`s taleTEN - a cameraman`s taleTEN - a cameraman`s taleTEN - a cameraman`s tale
Release date: 2008
Run time: 00:36:07
Director: Guido Perrini

Guido Perrini has seen a thing or two through his camera lens. Glittering powder, steep slopes, and hosts of "crazy" freeskiers and snowboarders. The backcountry is his workplace because he is a cameraman and shoots ski and snowboard movies. Although Guide is usually at a safe distance when the athletes race down a steep slope rife with avalanche risk, his telephoto lens allows him to be right where the action is. And there are moments when he holds his breath - when a freeskier blows a jump and tumbles down the slope. That's when the danger becomes apparent and he asks himself if just having a little fun in the mountains is really worth taking all this risk. Ultimately, however, he never thouht about trading his job for another one. "Ten" - a slightly different ski movie that opens up an entirely new angle.