Happy Production - DIO

Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:29:44

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Martin - Play In Da Guitar
  2. Sigurd: Jamaica - I Think I Like U 2
  3. Jonas Steen: The Eyes - I'm Rowed Out
  4. Espen Bergh / Gaute Silseth: Good Shoes - Under Control
  5. Martin Aspen: Generationals - These Habits
  6. Marius Smith: Jaylib - Go Away
  7. Joachim Eltvik: Dom - Jesus
  8. Backyard: Black Lips - Gentle Violence
  9. Christopher: The ADs - Living Downtown
  10. Remi Keiseraas: Thee Vicars - The Beat
  11. Haakon Kirkemo / Kim Hellebust / Marius Smith: The Wombats - Tokyo (Grum Remix)
  12. Daniel Jacobsen / Gunnar Steinsheim: Harlem - Friendly Ghost
  13. Ender: Entrepreneurs - Bubblegunk
  14. Credits: Hunx and His Punx - U Don't Like Rock n Roll

This years movie is a result of our hard work and dedication! No sponsors, no strings attached. Just pure shred. Inspired by garage punk, life on the road and parties we put together this movie to show you how much you can have with little.

Filmed on locations like Folgefonna (NO), Oslo (NO), Oppdal(NO), Vierli(NO),Lake Tahoe (US), Breckenridge (US) and various backalleys across Norway we bring you ”DIO”. Go figure..

Like ”Disco” Daniel once said; Spread the Shred!

Hope you enjoy it,
Happy Productions