Release date: 2011
Run time: 00:29:17
Company: Wordup Media
Director: Marcus Schultz

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Krazy Baldhead - The 4th Movement (Glitch Mob Remix)
  2. Vinnie Paz - Street Wars
  3. Everything Everything - MY KZ, YR BF (Grum Remix)
  4. Kenseth Thibideau - Moon 8
  5. Florence + The Machine - Howl
  6. Demarco - About The Money
  7. Blue Foundation - Bonfires
  8. Nero - Me And You
  9. Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston

Here it is! Hardcore, the second movie from Wordup Media.

Follow the Wordup crew to the Austrian Alps, BC kickers in Norway to urban in Oslo. Hardcore will give you unknown norwegian talents who has experience powder skiing and backcountry kickers in the Alps for the first time while they have pushed their urban skiing.

We’ll show you what a group of young skiers and filmmakers can do with no budget, creativity and a motivation to produce a good ski movie. We will give you young talents you might never heard of who’s slaying park jumps, urban rails and backcountry kickers.?
Let us introduce, Hardcore!

Locations: Oslo, Varingskollen, Filefjell, Mayrhofen Austria, Breckenridge Colorado, Vierli, Ringkollen and more.