Kong Vinter - Anagram

Release date: 2008
Run time: 00:43:42
Company: Kong Vinter

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Horse of Course - Whiskey H
  2. Philter - Stoneson Experience
  3. Hundred Schools of Thought - Forensic - A World All His Own (Remix)
  4. Leiv Reed - And We Float
  5. The Arguing Chimp - Blinding Illumination
  6. Thelma and Clyde - In Between
  7. Mystic Brew - Tell Me
  8. Leiv Reed - A Sunday & Two Hours
  9. Per - Ettertid
  10. Hundred Schools of Thought - Poet Laureate - Infinity (Remix)
  11. Credits: Storm Weather Shanty Choir - Drunken Sailor
  12. Credits: Epsilon - Drums of War

Kong Vinters latest film is named Anagram. As the title implies, this years production has taken some new turns seeking to improve the final product. The picture quality is a little better, the riders are a little better and the editing is too. Never the less the joy of skiing remains the same as in previous films. Enjoy the film and some genuine mountain time.