Level 1 - Forward

Release date: 2003
Run time: 00:39:06
Company: Level 1

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Fugazi - Sweet and Low
  2. Intro: Talib Kweli - Rush
  3. DL Incognito - Anticipation
  4. Home Grown - Tomorrow
  5. DL Incognito - Universal Love (Featuring D-Shade)
  6. 1208 - Just Anyone
  7. Point 3 - Why Ask Why
  8. Nappy Roots - Set It Out
  9. Poster Children - Junior Citizen
  10. The Deluxetone Rockets - Judgement Day
  11. K-Otix - Do You Wanna be an MC
  12. Credits: DL Incognito - 90 Degrees

Forward, the fourth release from Josh Berman and Level 1, pushes the envelope of progressive freeskiing further than ever before, and takes you into the very heart of the sport’s culture and the lives of the athletes. Forward features the biggest names and best unknown talent from around the world and is set to a soundtrack of the best underground beats. Shot on location in Utah, Colorado, the East Coast’s heavy urban centers, Quebec, Newfoundland, Whistler, Cali, and Oregon.