Level 1 - Second generation

Second generation
Second generationSecond generationSecond generationSecond generation
Release date: 2001
Run time: 00:49:34
Company: Level 1

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Sick Shift - Good Day To Die
  2. K-Otix - Take a Breather
  3. Stemm - Burn
  4. Rubberneck - Not Like U
  5. Mars Ill - Compound Fractures
  6. Magic Dirt - Ice
  7. MG! The Visionary - Interlude
  8. Stemm - Out of Context
  9. New Found Glory - Hit or Miss
  10. Sick Shift - Ode to Johnny Alkie
  11. K-Otix - Frequencies
  12. Johnny Law - Disassociate
  13. Sick Shift - Sunday Drive
  14. K-Otix - World Renown
  15. Mars Ill - Try Again

The re-invention of twin tip skis in recent years is changing the skiing industry and culture around it. A revolution of new riders is now pushing the limits and definition of the sport in ways never-before imagined... they are, the Second Generation. Shot throughout North America, Europe, and Japan, Second Generation features the newest and most influential players in the new-school freeskiing scene, and follows them throughout the 00-01 season in their quest to push the limits of the sport. Featuring Dave Crichton's still legendary first movie segment, 100-foot urban rail slides, parking-lot step-ups onto rooftops, back-country kickers, and everything in-between; these are the most progressive skiing stunts and exploits ever caught on film. Level 1's sophomore effort will leave you astounded by skiing's recent progression.

Locations: Alta, UT, Blackcomb, BC, The Canyons, UT, Mount Snow, VT, Okemo, VT, Park City, UT, Snow Summit, CA, Snowbird, UT, Stratton, VT, Sugarloaf, ME, Sunday River, ME, Squaw Valley, CA, Tremblant, QU, and Vail, CO, and Nagano, Japan.