Life Steeze Media - Russian Reversal

Russian Reversal
Russian ReversalRussian ReversalRussian ReversalRussian Reversal
Release date: 2011
Run time: 00:26:00
Country: Russia

Tracklist / Soundtrack
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  1. Intro: 101 Stereo - Russian Reversal
  2. Fabolous - Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside (Feat. Vado & Lloyd Banks)
  3. Lil Wayne - Fly By Night
  4. Whiplash - Mary Mary
  5. Lloyd Banks - King Do My Thing
  6. Krovostok - G.E.S.
  7. Sunday Girl - Four Floors (Diplo Remix)
  8. Brol - Osadi Maleho
  9. Dj Doc Rok - Notorious Thugs (Remix) All Along The Watchtower
  10. Credits: Prince Fatty - Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Life Steeze Media proudly presents second movie "Russian Reversal"

Dmitriy Makrushin, Alexander Golovkin, Yuriy Moiseev, Alexey Akishin, Grigoriy Fuzeev, Andrey Anufriev, Alexander Suchkov, Nikolay Suchkov, Dmitriy Shrainer and others

Shot on Location in:
Moscow, Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia, Sochi, Russia, Finland (Ruka), France (Avoriaz)