Modest South - Folklor II

Folklor II
Folklor IIFolklor IIFolklor IIFolklor II
Release date: 2011
Run time: 00:33:50
Company: Modest South
Director: Michael Calka
Country: Poland

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Folk Theme Song
  2. Mr. Flash - Radar Rider
  3. Grubson feat. DJ Cube - Lubie To Mixtape
  4. 3oda Kru - Komunikuj Sie
  5. Kodex - Outro
  6. DJ Tuniziano - Nagapilem Sie Intro
  7. Kamp! - Breaking A Ghost's Heart
  8. Bez Cenzury - Przesiaknieci Dzwiekiem
  9. Sokol i Marysia Starosta - Czysta Brudna Prawda
  10. PMM & Ostr & Grubson - Wstawaj
  11. Hi Fi Banda - Fakty, Ludzie, Pieni?dze
  12. Dejotpe La Wasted - Soulberry

MSW ( presents a Michael Ten Calka’s 2010-2011 ski project – Folklor II

You are about to witness the ugliest winter season we had so far. This doesn’t mean that you cannot expect banger tricks with baller crew containing most progressive freeski athletes in Poland as well from Slovakia & Czech Republic. Starring acrobatics by Bartek Sibiga, Szczepan Karpiel, Piotrek Wojarski, Marcin Pospiech , Robert Szul, Piotr Pinkas, Mario Skala, Natalia Slepecka, Maty Vranek and many more up&coming riders from Poland as well as guest starring Marek Doniec with his banger segment produced by Roadkill Boys.

Total Slavic takeover on the Alpine slopes of Austria & Italy with accompaniment from the best hip hop artists from Poland. Once again Folklor project gives you a glimpse to our unusual blend between freeski & polish rap scene.

In association with Modest South Wear we are proud to serve you our second fully independent ski project that was possible only by the help from our good friends. Sit back, pump up your volume, make sure that your bass level is right where it should be and enjoy this audio visual trip to our season 2010-2011.

Shot on locations at: | | | | | streets of Poland